Detailing & Interior cleaning

Interior detailing - Max Garage

As we use our cars, the interiors start to get dirty. Even if we get our car cleaned and washed every day, there are certain places where dust and dirt can collect which you just can’t reach to clean, like under the seat or between the gaps. If you have fabric upholstery it gets especially dirty over time. And if you have kids or pets well…… This is where our detailing expert can help in restoring your car interiors to as good as new.

At Max Garage our experienced and trained team use modern techniques to ensure the interior of your car namely, dashboard, seats, carpets, media and other console areas are cleaned and restored.

We use special brushes and tools for removing stains, this ensure that we only clean the dirt and not damage car. We remove the seats (if required) and get deep into cracks and cranes. We shampoo the seats and carpets. If you have leather seats, we use special cleaners, that rejuvenate the leather.


In the end your car’s interior looks years younger.

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